For producers and manufacturers customers:
The globalization, internationalization of the markets, higher level of competitors etc.., lead manufacturers to increase the number of clients, and also open their markets geographically in order to be able to sell the total volumes they produce.
In case your company, leader in your own market and manufacturers of both, food and non food products, is not present in Spanish or Portuguese markets, or in any other within our possibilities, and you would like to know about the chances to introduce and develop your products, getting information about prices, specifications, packaging, type of competitors etc., please do not hesitate in contacting us.
We have the information you need, the experience, a commercial team that will take care of your product and will collaborate with you as if we were your own Commercial Office abroad, and will develop and introduce your products in a very short time and will increase your business in these markets.

With us, you can avoid having doubts about reaching your annual sale figures working only from your offices, having high extra costs when attending fairs and exhibitions, long term feed backs from customers, understanding difficulties due to different languages, lack of knowledge of these markets, loosing the opportunity to close a business at the right moment, and you can have guaranteed results at a very short term. Know about the real possibilities of your business, using the best transport system, receiving the technical information and labelling design already developed, having at your disposal our quality and technical department, and have a daily and close contact with customers through our own commercial team.
Definitively develop a new market for your products at a fixed price for your company known beforehand. Insure increasing sales and continuity for the future.